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Someone/something that acts out of custom or normality. Monstrous in form, practice, or belief.

I am an avid lover of Nature, and all things natural. I am of Pagan faith, and I don't appreciate bigotry or discrimination.

I like to post a lot about the elements, especially fire, and about Paganism in general. I have done an ample amount of research, and aim to educate all those who are willing to lend their ears (eyes)!
I also aim to learn from all who share my faith, and even from those who do not. I like to see myself as an open-minded person. So...TALK TO ME! (:


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Old friend.

It’s been a while, since you decided to reach out to me.


      Good Samhain to all! :D

      Enjoy your day, and especially your night tonight. Keep in mind those that have passed, and pay your respect to them; be them your relatives, your friends, and even heroes you’ve never met, but were inspired by.
On the night of the veil’s thinnest, what better thing to do than glorify the dead? ;D



Results may vary.

Consider the outcome of your experiment.

Consider the outcomes of other aspects of your experiment.

Now combine them.

Do you fear the possible results?

Do you appreciate them?

Which of these (^) stuck out to you?

If it was fear, don’t do it.

If it was appreciation, be cautious, for experiments with one’s life are always dangerous…


I’m tattooed with the scars of my adventures, constantly being reminded of times past and lessons learned.


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So today…

      I was beckoned by someone that I had not talked with before, but had met a while ago without much conversation. We talked in the hallway of our school for a bit, and I am very glad we did, considering that he turns out to be a very agreeable person. We departed from the hallway, with a compliment on each others’ clothing, and my day continues.

      Then, during my lunch hour, I was standing in line with a friend of mine, when a large gorilla-like person came up and openly accused my friend of threatening someone he knew. It then escalated to him, tern, threatening my friend and aggravating nearby inspectors, of which my friend and I thankfully had the self-control to ignore.

      After all of that, I attended what was supposed to be a rehearsal for a girl’s movie/portfolio-project. We were met with the news that she would not be showing, so we decided to just hang around for a while. In doing so, I got the most perplexing vibe from a girl that was in the room at the time. Instinctively I stopped her, and said, “Have you any idea of the vibes you emanate?” I assume that she didn’t quite understand me, for I had neglected my dialect…so I rephrased, “Hey, you seem like a really friendly person. My name’s _______.” My friend then decided to say “Yeah. He’s cool, you’re cool, you should be cool together.” We laughed, and then the girl left without revealing her name. I was then labeled as strange by someone else in the room…oh well.

All in all, an interesting day.


It’s a good thing I try to live by the “and it harm none” part because today there would be some seriously fucked up people otherwise

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Being doomed to forget everything you touch gets really, REALLY annoying after 17years of dealing with it.